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The Civil War Diary Quilt: 121 Stories and The Quilt Blocks They Inspired

Saturday, August 24th, 2013
Product Description
The Civil War era was a time of great tragedy and triumph, and for a diverse group of women it was a distinctive thread in their lives and their quilting. Quilters and historians alike will appreciate the timeless lessons shared through actual diary entries and 121 related quilt blocks featured in The Civil War Diary Quilt, from Rosemary Youngs, author of the innovative book, The Amish Circle Quilt. This reference incorporates instructions, list of supplies, a photo… More >>

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Unraveling the Stories: Quilts as a Reflection of Our Lives

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
“Unraveling the Stories” explores quilts as a time machine–a way to look beyond their art to see the people and messages behind them. Relying primarily upon quiltmakers’ own words and works, it celebrates a diversity of cultures, motivations, and artistic choices, from traditional to avant-garde. This 57-minute PBS documentary shares many of the stories connecting families, communities, and entire cultures for generations, from African American storytelling traditions… More >>