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Cocoz® Deluxe Printed Hard Soft High Impact Hybrid R Case Combo for Apple Iphone 4/4s , –0003

Saturday, March 8th, 2014
  • Zebra Hot Pink
  • Deluxe Printed Hard Soft High
  • Impact Hybrid Case Combo
  • iPhone 4 iPhone 4s
  • Premium grade silicone skin
Product Description
Features: 1.Beautiful and Unique pattern iphone 4 4S case 2.Zebra Pattern,Perfect for girls,ladies. 3.Material: Made from high quality plastic material, with soft silicone rubber gel inner skin rubber/silicone back frame case + hard plastic back case.(The Impact case is made of hard plastic outside.The inside of the case is protected with silicone, offering a rubberized feel.) 4.Soft rubber material to protect your iphone hurt from scratches,dirt and bumps 5.Easy sn… More >>

Price: $8.00